License Manager

License Manager

Enterprise License Manager for EDWinXP 1.95



Enterprise License Manager is a utility to keep check on the number of licensed users of EDWinXP 1.95 in a network. The machine on which Enterprise License Manager is installed acts as the server. The client machines (i.e. machines having EDWinXP installed) should connect to this server and depending on the license available will be granted permission to use EDWinXP. For e.g.: if 3 licenses have been purchased and there are already 3 users of EDWinXP in the network, the fourth user will not be allowed to use until one person logs out.

The Enterprise Manager appears as shown in figure below :

1. Download the zip file of Server from the above button and unzip it.
2. Copy the License Manager folder containing an exe to any Windows Directory.
3. Create a shortcut of that exe on the desktop.
4. Right click the icon on the desktop and select Properties. In Advanced Properties window, check Run as administrator.

5. On the computer where the Server is running, Allow this program to communicate through Windows Firewall.This can be invoked from the Control Panel.

6. Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable files should be present in the computer where the License Manager is installed. Check the Control Panel\Programs\Programs and Feature

7. Enter the Activation Code corresponding to the Product ID

Client Side

1. Download the zip file of Client from the above button and unzip it.
2. Install EDWinXP client.

3.Open the application,a popup window will appear.

4. Click on the "Connect to Server" button to connect to the Server.A window with the server connected will be displayed.

1.Only one Server will be installed in a LAN. Hence the client will checks for the server in the LAN automatically and will get connect to it. It uses Port 55555 of the server machine and hence the System Administrator has to ensure that this port is free to be used by the ELM(Enterprise License Manager).
2.When Client tries to connect with the Server, it will take few seconds to connect to the server which is due to the response time of the Server.
3.If a client tries to connect to the Server and the Server is not running, it will output a message “Server Not Found”.

4.If the server is disconnected when the clients are connected to it, the clients are received with a message “Lost Connection to Server” and/or “Error in Connection Check Server and Connections”

Click here to view the working of Enterprise License Manager(older versions)

For Older Versions of Enterprise License Manager,