Download Encoder.epx


To simulate the Encoder.

Circuit Diagram


1. Draw the circuit diagram after loading components from library. Wiring and proper net assignment has been made. The values are assigned for relevant components. The circuit is preprocessed. The test points and waveform markers are placed in input and output of the circuit.The analysis is executed and output waveform is observed in Waveform Viewer.

2. To proceed with the simulation, the steps are as follows

Select Tools → Components → Component properties → Change simulation parameters → Click on the required component and change its values.
To set up clock in the circuit, Select Instruments → Preset Logic states → Clock Generator.

To generate waveform marker, select Instruments → Set Waveform Contents → Logic Waveform.

3. For setting up simulation time and analysis types, select Simulation menu, choose Analysis. In the window pops up, select Transient analysis from tree view.

Select Waveform Viewer, checked Event Data as Logic Waveform and click As Marked.

Then select Transient analysis from tree view.
Enter following values:
Step : 10u
Final time : 100u
Result : Select Waveform from drop down menu.

3. Click on Accept. Expand the Transient Analysis and select Waveform viewer, Select As Marked. Click on Accept. Select Transient Analysis. Run Analysis by clicking on Run button